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These unusual thermometers contain colorful orbs which rise and fall to indicate the current temperature.

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Traditional Analog Thermometers These analog thermometers measure temperature by using materials that change in some way when they are heated or cooled.

The Galileo thermometer is certainly not the most precise instrument in the world but it is certainly clever.

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By carefully calibrating the suspended bulbs with the surrounding liquid, it could function as a thermometer.If green is not visible, the temperature will be midway between the indicators that are illuminated tan and blue as follows.An air thermometer is a device that measures the temperature of the indoor or outdoor atmosphere.

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The temperature can be read from the lead discs hanging from the coloured spheres.The weight differential of the spheres is.

In the 16th century Galileo Galilei discovered the principle that drives this unique thermometer.Again, Ambient shows that it makes high quality products and this Galileo thermometer features a sealed glass that contains liquid and floating colorful glass globes with different densities.Galileo thermometer with temperature tags attached to colorful glass balls that rise and fall to indicate room temperature.

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The liquid in glass thermometer was developed in the 1630s, but a universal standard of temperature remained elusive.

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Floats fall or rise based on the weight and the density of the liquid when the temperature changes.

As the temperature changes, the individual floats rise or fall in proportion to their respective density and the density of the surrounding liquid.It is named after Galileo Gali.When it is hot, the liquid inside the thermometer will expand and rise in the tube.Unfollow galileo thermometer to stop getting updates on your eBay feed.His findings inspired these unusual and interesting thermometers with colorful spheres which rise and fall to indicate temperature.

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It looks ok.the baubbles are coloured, it has weights and temperature markings, clear liquid and glass.Ok, so I stupidly knocked over the Galileo thermometer that was sitting on top of a shelf, and managed to cut myself a little with the glass too while I was picking up all the mess.Named for Galileo Galilei (b. 1564), this colorful thermometer combines contemporary design with classical grace and curious functionality.Specifications: Our cooperation is a specialized private enterprise mainly producing glass liquid thermometers.

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With a history of nearly thirty years in this trade, it has established sales networks for various thermometers and psychrometers in most regions all over the country.The science or physics behind a Galileo thermometer is examined on subsequent pages.Reading a Galileo thermometer is easy: simply read the temperature tag on the lowest floating bubble.The clear liquid inside the thermometer changes density as the temperature changes.

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